We distribute and install AC/DC UPS, rectifier/charger batteries for an enormous number of industry and business all over the country and oversea. Besides, we are capable to provide DC power supply from 10A to 3000A with specific voltage for input and output in order to reach all customers demand. As a result of having mainstreaming locations for our factories that are situated in both Japan and Thailand, our products and services have become well known within Asia and all over the world.

Indoor Industrial Grade Charger

Rectifier / Charger

With long experience and understand the electrical behavior. We designed the rectifier/charger to supply for most critical equipment to ensure uninterrupted power during engage the systems. Our rectifier/charger was designed for long life operation with life expectancy 20 years. The part of rectifier/charger selected by reliable supplier's spare part and over size for long operation. This systems can be parallel operation to increase capacity or parallel redundant.



  • Completed range for commercial usage and industrial application
  • Advance SCR rectifier with IGBT inverter to maximum performance
  • Maximum capacity up to 3000kVA with N+1 parallel function
  • Long life parts low maintenance cost to reduce yearly expenses
  • Compact size reduce installation space low heat generation
  • Software interface for remote monitoring via all network
Shinozawa Industrial Battery

Industrial Battery

On beside of rectifier battery is need to storage the power and supply during power failure. We're supplied variety brand and type of battery. The customer who need VRLA , Vented Lead-Acid or Ni-Cd battery we able to supply all of them and will be customize the rectifier for comply with charging voltage. The batteries are complicate to setup for ensure the life of battery then let us customize it for you to complete the environment need of battery.

UPS / Charger / Battery maintenance service. Service for plant shutdown maintenance or yearly maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Service

  • UPS / Charger / Battery maintenance service
  • Service for plant shutdown maintenance or yearly maintenance
  • Maintenance with online or turn off machine as customer available
  • Fully support documents after maintenance by hardcopy or soft file with cloud service
  • Summary and training after done of maintenance for result of testing
  • Working with special tools to get for all necessary data need from equipment


Most of old systems the spare part may obsolited our service is provide seeking for obsoleted spare?part or modify product to apply new model of spare part.



We provide Emergency Lighting system from our business partner to complete with your request of emergency lighting system.