Heavy Duty UPS, EPI Series 6 - 40 kVA

EPI Series is a small medium capacity true double conversion online UPS with DSP control.  It has 3/1 phase structures and 1+1 parallel redundant function. Isolated transformer and the international advanced SMD design, which has outstanding stability and high reliability. Isolated transformer effectively suppresses and isolates
utility surge voltage and impacts to load devices, which greatly protects load device with good synchronization with UPS systems.


High Power Factor UPS, EP Series 10 - 800 kVA

The system consists of rectifier / charger, inverter, static bypass, maintenance bypass, rectifier isolation transformer, inverter isolation transformer, bypass line isolation transformer, automatic line stabilizer, DC distribution, AC distribution, controls and monitoring. The AC output of the inverter is connected to the critical load, the storage battery is connected between the inverter input and rectifier / charger output through a battery isolation MCB. The normal AC input power is connected to the rectifier; the bypass circuit also takes power from the same power source to provide power for the
critical load during bypass operation when the system is in maintenance mode.

  • Completed range for commercial usage and industrial application
  • Advance SCR rectifier with IGBT inverter to maximum performance
  • Maximum capacity up to 3000kVA with N+1 parallel function
  • Long life parts low maintenance cost to reduce yearly expenses
  • Compact size reduce installation space low heat generation
  • Software interface for remote monitoring via all network
2 Years Warranty

High Frequency UPS, GP800 Series 1 - 20 kVA

GP800 Series is a double conversion 1/1 Phase built-in isolation transformer, strong
anti - interference ability. Wide input voltage and frequency range, ensure all type of fuel generators connected work stable.  It has been designed for mainstream double conversion system with N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy feature, and manufactured with advanced SMT international standard, which provide outstanding stability and reliability.